Stephane Grasso is a Canadian filmmaker in Bangkok with 15 years of experience directing advertising campaigns for brands like Sony, Ubisoft, Aldo, Bombardier, and World Vision. Inspired by innovative art and fashion, he has created groundbreaking and experimental fashion films, music videos, documentaries, and immersive projects with Epher Heilland, Moment Factory and la Hacienda Creative. As a multimedia journalist, his work has been featured in prestigious outlets such as Vice, CBC, AFP, and Bloomberg. He has worked with NGOs across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, capturing the personal stories of underrepresented communities and using digital media to amplify their voices. Today, Stéphane continues to push the limits of advertising, documentary, and multimedia by developing new creative approaches that integrate technology and digital media in order to provoke, move, and resonate with global audiences.

Bangkok // Montreal
                   Thai mobile: +66 (0) 83 882 3473

Co-founder and co-director with Michael Shu
Epher Heilland in Montreal, Canada

Represented in Bangkok by Unboxnow